Apr 05 2012

I dreamed.....

I dreamed about John Fogerty last night.  Late-night Waylons jams followed me home.  Get ready for a party.  By The Waylons. 

Jan 25 2012

The Waylons Program

… will continue shorly!

May 11 2011

Show This Saturday!

The Waylons play a mostly acoustic set this Saturday at Legion Bar in Brooklyn, following a set by friend Dan Maxwell!!!  Come on Out!

Saturday at 9:00pm

Legion Bar

790 Metropolitan Ave

Brooklyn, NY

The Waylons (11pm)

 Dan Maxwell (10pm)

$5  21+

May 09 2011

The Waylons Eat Sean Leadem and Friends! MAY 14 MAY 14

Hey! The Waylons are coming out of the cave to play a nice acoustic (mostly) set this Saturday night MAY 14 in Williamsburg with friend Dan Daniel Maxwell. Details below. 
Right now it’s billed as Sean Leadem and friends but scheduling conflicts have been resolved and it will be a set-full-of-Waylons, mostly. 

Here’s Details!

MAY 14 MAY 14 MAY 14

Jan 25 2011


Lots Going On!  

The Waylons are thrilled to announce four (loko) upcoming performances.  Many faces of the Waylons:  Waylons as comedy house band;  Waylons as singersongwriter darlings of the downtown scene;  Waylons go the Country;  and Waylons bring it home.  

1. Friday 1/28. 6.30pm - 8.30pm Waylons play a semi acoustic 15 minute set at this great comedy night by Max (he’s funny as shit) Hoover at Eastville Comedy Club.

2. Sunday 1/30. 9.30PM  Waylons play The Living Room w/ Judson Claiborne in a Jonny Leather Mecca Lecca event.

3. Saturday 2/5.  8PM. The Waylons play a show with dear friend and colleague Mike Farkas / Rootdown and Bow Thayer!!  Inn at Willow Pond.  Manchester, VT.

4. Tuesday, 2/8.  The Waylons play a blistering hot and delicious pre-hibernation-in-the-studio set at Manhattan’s best room (besides The Living Room, perhaps), The Mercury Lounge.  This show is with Frontier Ruckus. Hot stuff.   

Jan 12 2011

Snow and Shows

Quick notes:  The Waylons’ 2/5 show in VT is confirmed.  Inn at Willow Pond in Manchester, VT.  It’s a festival; we’ll have details anon. 

If New England is too exotic for you, The Waylons are also playing February 8th at the Mercury Lounge with a great band called Frontier Ruckus.  Again, links and details to follow.  

also There’s Snow!

Jan 05 2011

Brand New Bein

Happy New Year all!  

The Waylons are thrilled to announce, after the customary 5 day inspection and confirmation period, that it is in fact 2011, a new year!  

The Waylonetaster Gigantes have made numerous resolutions, not least of which is to get back to the spaceship for sunglass updates and other calibrations, and we’re hot as monkeys for new music!  More resolve will be on display at future appearances.  

Dec 09 2010

New Song!! 'We Are Afraid Of The Wrong Things' - Free download

We offer up our newest song for a limited time. Listen to WE ARE AFRAID OF THE WRONG THINGS and grab a free download! 

Dec 07 2010


The Waylons are very excited to play this rock show and dance party this Saturday night at Cake Shop!  Join us for music and fun.

Saturday, December 11, 2010
Cake Shop
152 Ludlow Street , New York, NY
RHTL party by DJ 
Jaime XO      
8 PM doors
1st Corita
2nd  The Waylons
3rd  Mattison
4th  QIX

Dec 07 2010


The Waylons don’t always get a chance to party as much and often as we’d like, what with Yellowcake scares, meditations on paradoxes, and releasing new music online etcetera.  Whole days sometimes go by seemingly without any partying at all.  This is only one of the several reasons we are so excited about this Saturday, when we will be participating in the RHTL party at Cake Shop with DJ Jaime XO, Us and some other bands.  It’s a multiform event, in which participants are called upon not only to perform, but also to party!  The Waylons will play music, and the Waylons will party.  and we hope you’ll be there do party with us.